Pain Free!

“A few years ago I had a fall that resulted in severe low back and hip pain. I had always enjoyed walking for exercise; however, due to this accident I was no longer able to walk a short distance without pain, much less walk for exercise. I noticed that my gait had shortened, and my balance was off because I was constantly favoring my good side. The pain bothered me so much that I even had difficulty sleeping.

All of that has changed since I started letting Dr. Nelsen treat my condition. I am now back to walking everyday, and get some of the best night’s rest I’ve ever had. I’ve also noticed an increase in my range of motion and flexibility that I never dreamed I’d be able to regain. Dr. Nelsen and his compassionate staff have helped me return to my normal activities pain free!”

-Pamela McIntyre Goldsboro, NC Teacher

I Am So Amazed

“I am being treated for a bulging disc in my lower back that is pinching my sciatic nerve. For almost a year I had to deal with a pain in my butt that seemed to get worse with any activity I tried to do. I couldn’t stand too long without sitting, sit too long without laying down, lay too long without getting up and moving, or walk too long without having to stop and rest. It was very hard to find a comfortable position, and the comfort never lasted too long. Now that I’ve been getting treatments at Dr. Nelsen’s office, my pain rarely crosses my mind. I’m not constantly thinking about what to do to keep from hurting. I am so amazed that I can now go through a whole day without any complications from my condition.”

-Harris Brogden Goldsboro, NC Student

They’re Extended Family

“Dr. Nelsen has been treating me for a low back condition that I had lived with for several years. At one point it was so bad that even when I was just walking somewhere I had to plan frequent ‘rest stops’ to keep my back from killing me. I tried taking pain relievers like Aspirin, but the most relief I’ve gotten has been from my treatments at Dr. Nelsen’s office. I no longer have to think about where I may have to stop when I take a stroll. I’ve had such a positive outcome that now I think of Dr. Nelsen and his staff like they’re extended family.”

-Ivey Outlaw Seven Springs, NC Business Service Technician

I Noticed A Dramatic Difference

“I started coming to Nelsen Chiropractic in October, 2009. I had heard about Spinal Decompression Therapy and was anxious to see if it could help with the pain I had been experiencing in my right leg and thigh. After the first few treatments I noticed a dramatic difference. I am able to stand and be more interactive with the kids at school now because I’m not thinking about how much pain I’m in. Dr. Nelsen’s office being so close to home has given me the opportunity to keep my back in good shape with maintenance treatments. I’m so glad I’m not experiencing the pain I was a year ago and I’m able to continue with the things I love doing.”
Angela Bunn Pikeville, NC Teacher

Better quality of life!

“I have been a patient of Dr. Nelsen’s for years. I lived for a year with low back and neck pain so horrible that anything I did caused extra discomfort. I feel like Dr. Nelsen’s treatments have enabled me to have a better quality of life. I can work in the yard as long as I want to now and really enjoy it. I also enjoy the time I’m now able to play with my grandkids.”
-Judy Sanders Fremont, NC Hairdresser

Certified To Treat Animals

“My dogs referred me to Dr. Nelsen!! When Jessie, my 7 year old Lab mix, developed a degenerative condition that could only be treated with pain medicine, she was given a very poor prognosis. I asked my Vet if there was anything else I could do for her. He suggested Dr. Nelsen, who was the only chiropractor in town who is also certified to treat animals. The results were immediate and dramatic for Jessie. As the years went on, she had more and more difficulty walking, but an adjustment by Dr. Nelsen would help her bounce back. Trips to Dr. Nelsen became a part of our monthly routine and she lived to be 14, which was incredible for a large dog with so many health issues. When her brothers Lucky and Ben also developed arthritis in later years, they also saw Dr. Nelsen and also had dramatic results. Lucky had an ornery personality, and it always amazed me that he readily let Dr. Nelsen adjust him without a fuss, but the Vet had told me his arthritis was extensive, and I came to realize that he probably associated his visits to Dr. Nelsen with relief from pain.

Ben and Lucky lived to be 15 and 16, which was highly unusual for large breed dogs – but as with Jessie, I attribute much of that to the pain relief and healthy changes that chiropractic adjustments gave them.

It was Dr. Nelsen’s thorough approach to my dogs that made me seek him out years later with my own neck and back pain. I had been treated for Myofascial pain for most of my adult life, but in the past year, I experienced a long and intense flare up of pain that responded only briefly to treatments, which included cortisone injections, physical therapy and manual chiropractic adjustments. After 3 weeks of a continuous and debilitating headache, I knew I needed a fresh set of eyes to look at my pain issues. I remembered how thorough Dr. Nelsen was with my beloved dogs, and decided to follow in my dog’s footsteps/paw prints, and consult with him. The first time he treated me, I got immediate relief from my headache and neck pain! His approach is prescriptive and specific to the patient, and for the first time in many years, I have hope that I may not live every day of the rest of my life in pain. I am so glad that my dogs led me to him!!”
– Pat Preston – Patient Advocate