You can think of the chiropractic care that we provide at Nelsen Chiropractic, to be very similar to building a house. No, we are not putting walls together, but we do follow a plan. Just like when building, certain things have to take place in order for you to be able to stand tall and see the results you desire.

When you build a house, the foundation has to be in place before any walls begin to form. If this wasn’t the case, the walls would be weak and fall down. And, if you constructed the roof before the walls were ready, you would find yourself in the same problematic situation. These concepts are the same in chiropractic care.

Many people experience pain and other health issues when the foundation their body is damaged; only true health can be achieved when these foundation problems are addressed. Chiropractic care takes an in-depth look at the foundation of your body, or in simple terms your spinal alignment. With care, though, comes a plan that must be followed to ensure your body can repair itself correctly and fully.


After your paperwork is completed, you will have a consultation with Dr. Nelsen to discuss your concerns, problems, pain, and potential treatment options. This visit is meant for Dr. Nelsen to learn more about you and your health condition.


After your consultation, you will receive a complete chiropractic exam. This will test your reflexes and flexibility. Other tests such as orthopedic, postural, and physical tests will also be performed upon your consent.


Once all information and procedures are completed, Dr. Nelsen will give you a detailed report of all our findings and answer any questions that you may have. We will address how often you should come in, and what your treatment plan will consist of.


After receiving your health history, goals, and examining your spine, we will recommend you begin treatment right away. Your treatments may include spinal adjustments and physical therapy. We want you to enjoy your experience, so feel free to express concerns you have at any time.


Before completing all treatments, we highly suggest that you join our wellness program to learn healthy habits outside of our office. You will learn about certain activities to avoid and exercises you can do at home, in your own free time. If you wish, you can work with our team to create a plan for healthy habits and routines that match your lifestyle.

All of our patients are unique, so every plan we create is customized to your specific needs. The purpose of our wellness program is to help you achieve overall health in your spine, diet, and mental state.